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Adobe & Intel
Client: McAnn Erickson/MRM

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This online destination was part of a seasonal campaign highlighting the benefits of the Adobe Photoshop Elements Software Package and Intel's home-based VIIV entertainment system.

The site's goal was to show families the ease of editing, enhancing, and organizing their photos using Photoshop Elements, and sharing those photos by creating slideshows and videos from the comfort of their own living room with an Intel VIIV system.

Among the challenges presented in this project, was allowing both large brands to co-exist in the same promotional environment and present their messages in a clear and effective manner.

We began with a series of sketches that explored the ideal perspective and vantage point for a user to view the living room, the family members seating arrangement and the general layout of the room itself.

Several interface ideas were explored, but one that presented the most possibility was creating a living room setting where family members could walk us through the features of both products. This presented a stage to provide both Adobe and Intel equal brand visibility in a comfortable and creative space.

The final design presented a nuclear family in a comfortable yet attentive position where they could easily turn and talk to the viewer or sit and watch the television without looking awkward and staged. The user/viewer is given a profile view that allows for easy viewing of the family TV, a linear bottom navigation that triggers an overview from each family member and an interactive demo of Adobe Photoshop Elements Software and simulates Intel VIIV system.